• Chop Chop!

    Each board is individually cut and lovingly finished. We do use some machines but our people are as real as they get!

  • Framed Goodness

    Get classy with a custom, framed chalkboard. We frame all our custom boards on-site with a fancy saw and an old-school Morso underpinner.

  • Touch Wood

    We really like to keep things personal, and believe our 'hands-on' approach produces a more authentic and original product.

  • More than Boards

    Chalkd stock a great range of stuff so you can easily create amazing bright and colourful chalkboards to liven up your home and business.

As chalkboard products and blackboards have become trendy, we’ve created more options than ever for our customers!

If you need chalkboards for centre pieces, check out our Table Talkers.

Chalkboard products have become extremely trendy in recent years! People love to use them at their weddings, as home decor, and even as educational tools to teach their children. At Chalkd, we create all kinds of blackboards that are sure to fit any style. We can even create completely custom boards for people who have very specific needs. Check out our shop today; you will be amazed at the array of chalkboard shapes and sizes that are featured! Our Table Talker line is especially popular and can be used for wedding table numbers, changeable menus at restaurants, and a number of other purposes. We are the leader in the blackboard industry and we look forward to working with you.